to create a



28 days

It's your idea.

Your challenge. 

I'll give you a hand.

Let us draw a map and dedicate ourselves to perform well.

Let's get emotionally charged to do the right thing finally!

And let's go for it.

You know you can do it!

Chase your dreams!

10 weeks

It's your decision.

Your goal.

I'll give you a push.

Let's design a clear plan and commit to daily performance.

Let's dedicate fully. No room for procrastination.

Let's harvest the best of you!

Cheers to success!

5 months

It's your life.

Your journey.

I'll stand by you. I'll watch your back.

Let's be wise and consistent.

We need grit and perseverance.

It's about time to do the change.

It's about you!

Let's walk the talk. Time and again.

It takes some time to make an overnight success.

It's great to see authentic you!


It's personal.

Your story. Your pain. Your aim.

I'll support you.

Let's create a safe space for a change.

Let's see what we can do.

But you already know, the only way out is to go through.

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

Trust and believe!



There are times when we just need someone to shed light from another angle. An eye-opening companion.



There are times when you need a push or pull and someone to challenge and empower you. 



There are times when the shadow is just too heavy and we need the strength and commitment to breakthrough.



There are times when you need a trusted companion on your journey of transformation.



There are times when you need a wise and calm person sitting beside you. 

Special interventions and effective tools from the following:

integral breathing, biohacking, stress resilience, mind-hacking, flow, meditation, shadow-work, synchronicity, compassion, cognitive reframing, philosophy of life, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, parenting, etc.


Breathing is a skill. The most fundamental physical skill that one can master in order to play with life forces. For over 20 years I have been running breathwork sessions and therapies. And I lead certified courses of Integral breathing in Slovenia.

Breathing is an excellent tool for stress management, respiratory and pulmonary system, and relaxation techniques.

Support your immune system, learn how to bring more oxygen to your cells, balance the nervous system (parasympaticus and sympaticus), how to lower high blood pressure, and enhance heart-brain coherence. 

I apply various techniques from pranayama, Buteyko slow breathing for oxygenation, connected breathing for diving into emotional and deeply rooted behavioral patterns, or transcendent realms. 

With conscious breathing, I can take you all the way to deep life-changing inspiration. 


The SPIRAL LIVING coaching is bringing together the diagnostics and digital support of the New Zealand Resilience Institute lead by Dr. Sven Hansen and the fieldwork of Dr. Hosta Milan and invited experts.

The program covers (1) the Resilience Diagnostic assessment: a 60-factor survey that enables individuals to receive an instant resilience blueprint, and aggregate group reports for organizations, (2) interventions and activity plan regarding the needs and agreed goals according to the MatrixOfChange game plan. The individual life-coaching sessions are supporting the clients on the go, therefore looser or stricter - depending on your demands and goals, using the FlowCode solutions for changing the lifestyle.

Corporate resilience diagnostic

The Resilience Diagnostic applies 20 years of ongoing research and experience to help you and your people transform performance. Reporting on 60 factors of resilience, participants receive individualized recommendations and a comprehensive self-development toolkit. Organizations receive a detailed aggregate report showing group resilience risks and assets. Upon results, we provide excellent on-site or on-line coaching.


Today’s parents are challenged with the need to reinvent parenting and education from the inside – from who they are and from their own personal boundaries and values. At Familylab we trust these values will inspire you:

  • Equal dignity

  • Authenticity

  • Integrity

  • Personal responsibility

A set of guiding principles however plays an important role as a compass when we enter into conflicts and need to make decisions. This issue has become relevant because we no longer have a consensus of values in our society. Raising children and living together is often based on random knowledge which is not put into the context of our shared values. If we do not have a set of guiding principles within the family we will live from conflict to conflict and life will be hectic indeed. If you do not have a compass to help you navigate you could end up anywhere.

In my experience, these are a constructive set of guiding principles for the interactions between adults, and between adults and children. Let me guide you through some troubled waters. It is a privilege and a big responsibility being a parent and a partner.

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