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Working internationally in academia, private business, and NGO provides me with valuable insights and understanding of workplace dynamics and balance in personal life and parenting. I have first and second-hand experience in organizational development, change management, cause marketing, human resource development, training of trainers, lobbying, and formal and informal leadership. I have worked in highly rewarding set-ups, been through business success and failure, and was also in a position to hire and fire people.

Upon 20 years of providing educational, health, and wellness services, workshops, managing CSR initiatives and projects, leadership, and start-up innovation, I took the decision to narrow my focus and mission to coaching and consultancy support, where my knowledge, interests, and purpose overlap to the largest degree. 


I have designed a unique and complete approach to clearly understand and successfully tackle any situation - 369Matrix design thinking or pathfinder tool.  

Based on demand I collaborate also with the Resilience Institute Global coaching team.

Dr. Milan Hosta holds a PE & Sport Science degree and PhD in Philosophy. He is on board of experts at the Slovenian Coaching Association. Member of World Business & Executive Coach Summit, and International Breathwork Foundation. He offers support to high-performing individuals, elite athletes, companies, and clients with various growth or transformational challenges or health issues.

A professional member of the Galileo Commission that is exploring and expanding the frontiers of science, medicine, and spirituality. 


​Works also with Familylab, focusing on the atmosphere in the family, emotional and mental hygiene, and playfulness. 


A key expert in developing the FlowCode and is now also mentoring FlowCoach education globally. Supports customers in developing flow personality traits.

Milan cooperates with the Faculty of Health Sciences and European Mediteranian University as an assistant professor and a research fellow.

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Was a program director at a sports innovation company and a founder of a sports start-up company. He spent 2 years leading a post-conflict social inclusion project in SE Turkey.

Worked with Nick Vujičić on Stand Strong Campaign, initiated still ongoing national CSR campaign for funding young talents in 2013 and led humanitarian and charity actions.


Served as a vice-president at Slovene Children and Youth Sports Association and was a member of the Slovene Olympic Academy. Invited keynote speaker at Celebrating 100 years of British Olympism in 2005, Greenwich.

A member of the scientific committee of EU Think tank Sport & Citizenship, ex-member of UNICEF international working group on Safeguarding for Children in Sport and an expert in the working group on sportsmanship at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia.

:Milan's survival strategy in childhood was being an observer and a peacemaker. By integrating the shadow, he became an innovator, leadership and change management consultant, creative life coach, inspirational speaker, and inner peace warrior. Devoted to practicing NLP, Silva method, and breathwork!

​Author of 369Matrix-Of-Change method. Providing insightful custom made life-enhancing coaching sessions for those who dare to go deep and beyond.

An inspiring speaker and well-versed facilitator of corporate wellness and resilience retreats, team-coaching. 


Familylab expert; a thoughtful and playful parenting group facilitator based on Jesper Juul's legacy. 

Exploring the power of integral breathing for expanding conscious living for 20 years and more. Awarded honorary fellowship at Buteyko Professionals International.

In the Slovene language, Milan's family name Hosta means forest.

Yes, my favorite ways to ground the spirit are deep wild forest cold dips in natural springs. 

Host-a change. 

Be the change. Transform. Re-create. Manifest. Inspire. 

Just like the forest. Just like nature. 

Be natural.

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