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The Power of Breath & Flow

1/7 FlowCode Webinar. Dr. Hosta will compress 20 years of breathwork in one powerful session. (1) Biohacking potentials of conscious breathing. (2) How to boost immunity. (3) Stress managment via breathing. Let's flow together!

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The Power of Breath & Flow
The Power of Breath & Flow

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17. jun. 2020, 19:00 – 20:00 GMT +2


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30 minutes of expert discussion. 

20 Minutes of breathing session.

10 minutes of Q & A and FlowCode 

Breathing is the only bodily rhythm that we are able to consciously control and our most direct highway to flow. Conscious

breathing is extensively used in flow interventions and different combined intervention sets.

Arguably the most important aspect of mental and physical health and well-being is the respiratory process. We know how to breathe. It is something that occurs to us automatically, spontaneously, naturally. We are breathing even when we are not aware of it. So it seems foolish to think that one can be told how to breathe. Yet, one’s breathing becomes modified and restricted in various ways, not just momentarily, but habitually. We develop unhealthy habits without being aware of it. We tend to assume slouched positions that diminish lung capacity and take shortened breaths.

Breath control is absolutely essential for triggering the state of flow.

Several researchers have suggested maintenance of posture and breathing habits to be the most important factor in health and energy promotion.

When we are emotional, breathing is on “automatic pilot.” As we are focused on the object of our emotion, we hardly ever consciously register the close relationship between emotions and breathing. Even the tiniest mood change is reflected in our breathing. In case of sadness, suspense, conflict or depression, we under-breathe, “hold our breath,” so to say.

We call it the state of flow, a fluid stream of optimal perception and optimal experience. A state where everything just flows.

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