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pet., 05. jun.



FlowCoach Initiation

(1) New coaching concept based on flow state. (2) Flow triggers, programs & coaching formats. (3) Turnkey solution, global branding & support. (4) FlowHub mobile app support. Join me at the free webinar. It might be your lifetime opportunity to start your own coaching. Let's flow and glow together!

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FlowCoach Initiation
FlowCoach Initiation

Ura in lokacija

05. jun. 2020, 18:00 – 19:30 GMT +2


O dogodku

FlowCode, the scientific foundation for the Flow coaching method, is about deep base cognitive reframing ... it is about changing how we identify ourselves and events in our lives, so we can achieve maximum fulfillment, fluid perception, and optimal performance.

FlowCode coaching style does not deal with the classic notion of psychological counseling and attempting to repair or decipher the existing psychological maze of illusionary self rather focusing on building a truly integrated version of ourselves.

The FlowCode coaching method cuts short the coaching process and the time and effort needed

to achieve the desirable effects ... achieving the maximum amount of flow in any given situation.

A STATE WHERE EVERYTHING JUST FLOWS You know that state we’re in when we act with razor-sharp focus, our confidence is overwhelmed with certainty, our body and mind adapt to the situation effortlessly.

It’s in this state that we take giant steps in our level of fulfillment, moving in the direction that was previously not even dreamt off. In it, we are completely dissolved in what we’re doing, so much that it feels like time is slowing down.

We’re so deeply in the present moment that we merge with the activity itself, giving us the overwhelming feeling of “being at one”. In that state there is ‘no doubt’, there are no stresses or pressures, blocking us from achieving what we want.

There is no inner voice criticizing every move we make, we are completely immersed in the task at hand. This state is not elusive, this state is not mystical, it’s called the flow state …

When we are in flow, we are adjusting to reality cues, like riding a flow wave, we experience the most desirable state we may find ourselves in. It’s about total trust and the total absence of fear. A sense of extreme happiness, connectedness, and harmony pervade into your being.

You feel in tune with the task, moving with accuracy and composure and fully enjoying every second of it.

Athletes call it “runner’s high” or “being in the zone”, others call it a “heightened state of consciousness”, Buddhists call it “nirvana”.

We call it the state of flow, a fluid stream of optimal perception and optimal experience. A state where everything just flows.

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