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Is your situation confused and stressful?


Do you wonder how to persevere and keep the sparkle?


It’s about time to take health into your own hands, isn't it?


Are you stuck in relationships at home or at work?


What prevents you from living at your full potentials? Is that you yourself?


Or do you 'just' miss the meaning and fulfillment?


Try outstanding life-coaching to achieve

better stress resilience, embodied lightness, emotional stability

and mental clarity!

Better task efficiency, sharpened awareness, and creativity.

Effective management of stress, anxiety and personal fulfillment.


Delivering high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated training

by bringing together bio-hacking and mind-hacking tools,

positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.


Integral resilience training & inner peace engineering.
369MatrixOfChange® is the ultimate geometry of

personal transformation for you and your team! 


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Dr. Milan Hosta takes you on a journey according to vortex mathematics, which talks about the dynamics between consciousness and energy and your challenge/goal. In doing so, dr. Hosta uses its own extremely effective 369MatrixOfChange coaching method, which greatly shortens the time it takes for a person to learn, understand and integrate their basic childhood-acquired survival strategies. It thus comprehensively supports the individual in a way that touches everyone where it is needed. 

Breathing exercises and FlowCode movement and cognitive hacks are performed every day. 

The morning ritual is fixed, and other protocols are tailored to your workday, habits, and goal.


In accordance with the agreed timetable dr. Hosta prepares interesting, useful and thought-provoking webinars with practical advice on how to achieve more flow, more energy, more playfulness, more authenticity, better health, successfully cope with your shadow, deal with traumatic pain and integrating blind spots, responsible parenting, and warm relationships at home and at work.

The program also includes processual meditations for the purpose of emotional and mental hygiene, as well as transcendent experiences.

The program is convenient also for more “technically-minded” people. Dr. Hosta skilfully navigates between science and spirituality and subtly adapts communication.


The program takes place live and/or online.

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Dejan, an executive at an international IT company:

"I really like your approach and the way you explain it. For example, analogies with the natural world. Drawing on the board (at least for me personally) also helps a lot in understanding. It was nice for me to confirm and consolidate the information regarding breathing and of course, also learn new ones. I've tried quite a few personality tests in the past but I liked this 369 MatrixOfChange by far the most and it has some clarity and logic behind it that makes sense and is not based on statistics. What has surprised me and convinced me that you really have something to give, however, is that this monthly program isn’t just an intro to the ten-week or the longest one (as countless others do) and that there was a debate about how I have to find an inner source of certainty within myself because that's the only place I can find the right answers. Overall, I feel like I’ve got exactly what I needed at the moment and now I need time to integrate that and see how it affects me. It is very likely that we will hear from each other in the future."

Coaching program "Spiral living"

synchronizes, integrates, activates and

calibrates our personal vibration and accelerates transition on the path of personal growth.


369MatrixOfChange is a coaching geometry

to clearly map the game-plane and provide

the laws to stick with.



 Science with the scent of grounded spirituality in the service of humanity!

Here comes the time where one has to be resilient, decisive, loving, resourceful, flexible and adaptable. 

Yes you can! No, don't force it! Be like water.  

Peaceful warrior!

Martina, a very successful entrepreneur:

"My goal no. 1 was to learn more about breathing and learn useful techniques to help me improve my quality of life. Most shocking was the finding that I was breathing through my mouth, and not exclusively through my nose, which would be correct. By practicing breathing techniques according to Buteyko, I have more energy on a daily basis, I am less burdened by the surroundings.
Goal no. 2, however, was that I wanted to take a step forward in the business field. With coaching, I got significantly more than I expected. I got to know my personality more organized. First you get to know thyself, analyze, then take steps. At the same time, you get a whole bunch of wisdom and very useful knowledge for life, which helps you better understand yourself and work better. I was fascinated by the concept of how to make everyday decisions. Milan's great positivity, enthusiasm and support have a strong influence on the way you think and act during training. Your decisions are better and more aligned with who you really are. When others are depressed, you are very positive, which makes you magnetic and influential. Those who want to improve their quality of life, breathe better, get to know themselves better, work better and receive practical tools to dive deep within, just get involved in Milan's coaching."

Peter Zalar, entrepreneur

"I am a person who, in addition to professional challenges, also delves into personal development. The matrix of change that Milan passed on to me is excellent. I immediately realized that it would have come in handy years ago, as it would make it easier to understand certain things and perhaps more effectively invest personal attention and energy. The simple technical language that Milan translates into everyday life tasks reveals the laws of nature that we cannot ignore. I highly recommend it. Spiral living cannot be avoided, so it must be learned. "

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Initial and final testing:

  • lifestyle, energy flow and resilience diagnostics;

  • psycho-diagnostics of basic character traits and survival strategies;

  • respiratory diagnostics;

  • monitoring progress;

  • final performance evaluation.

Individualized approach:

  • individual program;

  • personal interview and support.

Embodied training sets:

  • breathing exercises for better tissue oxygenation, focused attention and vitalization of bodily functions;

  • exercises for activating the diaphragm, lymphatic system and cleansing the body;

  • exercises for the flow of movement, and the release of physical tension;

  • morning rituals and affirmations.

Sensibility, mindfulness, and heartfulness:

  • emotional integration for conscious energy management;

  • mental exercises to effectively deal with stress and layers of consciousness.

The price includes top-quality apps (one-year access!), which, upon completion, enable an effective independent and in-depth continuation:

  1. FlowCode app - a comprehensive program for the development of flow personality and enthusiasm.

  2. Resilience app - diagnostics and monitoring of status and daily tasks.

Prices per individual

28 days - transition: €432 (group from 2 to max 5) in €639 (individual)

weekly sessions; consciously integrative  

10 weeks - manifestation: €1944 (individual or 2)

weekly sessions; decisive and intensive

5 months - transformation: €2.331 (individual or 2)

2x monthly; persistent and focused 

9-month masterclass - mobilization: (september 2021, max 12)

monthly group session

Butique: designed on-demand or on the go

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” N. Tesla



Idea, that the Universe is mental and spiritual,

and that embodied cognition is necessary for lived experience

resonates with me well.

That is why my approach is integral.

From spiritual through mental to physical and back again. 

And emotions are the natural feedback loop to stay aligned.

For further inquiry e-mail us at

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