Now it's time when you need to be resilient, determined, resourceful and flexible.

Top-notch integral resilience training & inner peace engineering to induce the flow in your life.

MatrixOfChange® is the ultimate geometry of personal transformation.

Lean & Clean & Clear

Is your situation confused and stressful?

Do you wonder how to persevere and keep the sparkle?


It’s about time to take health into your own hands?


Are you stuck in relationships at home or at work? 


Does fear prevents you from living at your full potentials?

What will I or my team achieve trough 28 days of outstanding coaching?

  • better stress resilience;

  • movement lightness;

  • emotional stability;

  • mental determination!


More energy!

Better sleep!

Sharpened focus!

Higher productivity!

Better health!


Inner peace!


Once a week dr. Hosta prepares a 90 minutes webinar with practical advice on how to achieve more flow, more energy and more playfulness in life, and to provide feedback and guidelines to clients.


Agenda & topics:

  • breathing, movement and immune system,

  • stress management and survival strategies developed in early childhood

  • emotional hygiene, personal integrity and authenticity

  • philosophy of life and flow personality traits, grounded spirituality.


The program also provides practical guidance on how to use the nine keys/hacks to playfully remove ineffective defense mechanisms and to expand and deepen consciousness.



Program also includes 4 contemplative meditations - with the purpose of emotional and mental hygiene to boost clarity in life. 
The meditations are recorded and accessible to clients for further support.



MatrixOfChange® helps you to map, synchronize, integrate, activate

and calibrate your personal well-being.


  • pre and post diagnostics

  • monitoring progress

  • performance evaluation

  • individualized approach

  • complete 28 days coaching bundle (webinars, individual support, pdf materials)

  • yearly access to app support (FlowCode and Resilience)

  • yearly access to webinars


The complete 28 days bundle for individual coaching is 936 Eur.

The complete 28 days bundle for group coaching (min 2 and max 5 people) is 639 Eur.

*Program for teams from companies interested in participation with 5 or more people is custom designed.

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