The will to live comes from endless 


The path to follow comes from evolutionary


The way to manifest comes from embodied 


Enjoy the life-time journey with an agile body, warm heart, and an open mind

to create a



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"The path isn't a straight line; it's a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths."
~ Barry H. Gillespie

Evidence-based Resilience and Flow coaching.
Providing high-quality corporate and individual turn-key support. Digital and in-person.

World-class partnership to meet your needs! 


The world’s leading app for building personal and team resilience.

The world’s leading biohacking flow portal with a unique approach toward triggering the state of flow
with over 700 flow triggers & programs.



Public speaker. 

Motivational kick-off meetings.

Customized content.

MICE facilitation. 


Personal growth and transformation. 

Integral breathing, Flow and Resilience coaching.

Stress management.


Life-enhancing game plan. Parenting & Fathers' groups. Mindfulness and grounded spirituality. 

Coaching supervision.


Change management.

Sports & cause marketing.

Corporate HResilience.

Education and academia project management.

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How we do it?

Authenticity & Growth

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for us. Each corporate and individual customer is a unique expression of the life force that is looking for meaningful expression and contribution.

Respons-ability & Results

The training integrates the best of modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, sports, and neuroscience into a cohesive, accessible framework. Pre- and post-coaching diagnostics is the norm. We measure what counts to you!

Wisdom & Skills

To play and live in tune, one must learn to hear and to trust that little string within us. We use the best tools to align and connect your inner resources to harvest the effects of synergy.

Power Up!
Boost Resilience!
Flow & Glow!
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Carpe diem!
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Individual coaching, mentoring, self-realization game-plan, and support on the hero's journey?

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Better resilience and more flow for your company? MICE facilitation?

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